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Here are the 28 Films That Crossed $1 Billion at the Global Box Office

The advent of superhero films and relevant animated features, as well as the resurrection of well-loved franchises such as Star Wars and Jurassic World, have made it easier now for movie studios to bring in $1 billion at the global box office. However, as of this writing, there are only 28 films according to Box Office Mojo that managed to reach that mark for the past 25 years.

So for today, we’re counting down these box-office hits that took home $1 billion or more and sorted them according to their total gross revenue.

28. The Dark Knight

How much it made: $1,004,600,000

Christopher Nolan’s sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins was not just heavy on star power, but also on box office moolah, as it later became the 28th highest-grossing film of all time. Not only that, the movie also set the record for the first ever comic book film to hit $1 billion worldwide.

27. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

How much it made: $1,021,100,000

Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth was off to huge start after it crossed the $1 billion mark in 2012. Unfortunately, the succeeding two sequels didn’t perform equally well at the box office.

26. Zootopia

How much it made: $1,023,800,000

The all-animals movie is one of four Disney animated features that made it to the billion dollar club. Opening at $75 million domestically, it landed Disney Animation’s biggest opening ever and set the record for the biggest March opening of all time.

25. Alice in Wonderland

How much it made: $1,025,500,000

Tim Burton’s live adaptation of the Disney classic reached $1 billion in 2010. At that time, there were only six of them who made it to the elite club. Its 2016 sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, was a far cry in terms of worldwide box office performance.

24. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

How much it made: $1,027,000,000

This is the first Star Wars title to join the $1 billion club, thanks to a 3D re-release of the film which saw a significant increase in ticket sales. If it wasn’t for that, the movie would’ve stayed well under the threshold mark.

23. Finding Dory

How much it made: $1,028,100,000

The Finding Nemo sequel is the second Disney animated feature to hit $1 billion worldwide. Together with Zootopia, they are the only cartoons of 2016 who have crossed that mark. The film also takes the spot as the second highest-grossing Pixar film of all time, following Toy Story 3.

22. Jurassic Park

How much it made: $1,029,200,000

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the 1993 dino pic is the oldest in the bunch. And much like Phantom Menace, it greatly owes its billion dollar success to the 3D re-release of the film.

21. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

How much it made: $1,035,500,000

The Star Wars spin-off is the most recent movie to surpass the $1 billion milestone at the global box office, becoming the 28th film and the 13th Disney title to do so.

20. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

How much it made: $1,045,700,000

On Stranger Tides may not have sat well with the critics, but it was still a huge box office success, making it the second Pirates of the Caribbean title to enter the exclusive club.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

How much it made: $1,066,200,000

Dead Man’s Chest is the other Pirates of the Caribbean movie that managed to cross the billion dollar mark. And when it did, it was only the 3rd film to join the elusive club.

18. Toy Story 3

How much it made: $1,067,000,000

Not only is the third installment of the Toy Story franchise a billion dollar success, but it’s also the most critically-acclaimed among the bunch, with a 99% rating at review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. And if that wasn’t enough, it also made history as Pixar’s highest-grossing animated film of all time.

17. The Dark Knight Rises

How much it made: $1,084,900,000

Despite the shooting incident that happened during a midnight screening of the film in Aurora, Colorado, Christopher Nolan’s concluding entry to the Batman trilogy still ended with a bang (no pun intended) as it went on to become the 13th film in history to reach $1 billion worldwide.

16. Transformers: Age of Extinction

How much it made: $1,104,100,000

The fourth Transformers movie is the first film of 2014 to hit the milestone. The surge in ticket purchases came largely from international audiences, as one-third of its total revenue was from China.

15. Skyfall

How much it made: $1,108,600,000

The 2012 James Bond film is the only installment in the long-running series to have achieved billion dollar status, making it Sony Picture’s biggest hit of all time.

14. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

How much it made: $1,119,900,000

The final installment of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy ended on a high note for two reasons. First, it became the second movie in history to crack the $1 billion ceiling. Second, it shattered an Academy Awards record for bringing home all 11 awards it was nominated for.

13. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

How much it made: $1,123,800,000

The second Transformers title to reach $1 billion at the global box office came from Dark of the Moon. It is also the first ever Paramount movie to have reached such milestone. And just like Age of Extinction, it owes much of its box office success from international movie audiences.

12. Captain America: Civil War

How much it made: $1,153,300,000

Civil War is the first film of 2016 to cross the billion dollar mark. The third Captain America is now the 25th film in box office history to join the elite group.

11. Minions

How much it made: $1,159,400,000

Universal Pictures’ Minions shattered box office records when it crossed $1 billion worldwide in 2015. The Despicable Me prequel currently holds the spot as Illumination’s highest-grossing film ever and the biggest animated feature of 2015.

10. Iron Man 3

How much it made: $1,214,800,000

Out of the three outings of a standalone Iron Man film, the third one came on top in terms of global box office success. The third Tony Stark actioner officially crossed the billion dollar mark in just 23 days since its opening day.

9. Frozen

How much it made: $1,276,500,000

Disney’s Frozen was a blockbuster hit in 2013. It did not only become the highest-grossing animated film of all time, but it also nabbed two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Achievement in Music for Let It Go.

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

How much it made: $1,341,500,000

Out of all the eight Harry Potter films that came out, only Deathly Hallows Part 2 made $1 billion at the global box office. The next adaptation that almost made it to the exclusive club was Sorcerer’s Stone, which currently sits at $975 million in total.

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

How much it made: $1,405,400,000

Disney/Marvel’s superhero sequel reached its billionaire status in just 24 days since its release in 2015. That puts The Avengers in the same room with Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Dark Knight for movie franchises that have two pics joining the exclusive group.

6. Furious 7

How much it made: $1,516,000,000

The seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise shocked everyone when it made more than $1 billion worldwide in just 17 days. This was the last Fast and Furious pic to include Paul Walker, before the actor met an untimely death in November 2013.

5. Marvel’s The Avengers

How much it made: $1,518,800,000

When Marvel first brought all of its comic book heroes in one film, everybody were crazy about it that it only took 19 days before the superhero mashup totaled $1 billion in global revenues. That is also the same number of days before Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 reach their billion dollar status in the box office.

4. Jurassic World

How much it made: $1,670,400,000

After Universal’s box office success with Furious 7, it went on to achieve another record-breaking milestone within the same year. The studio’s 2015 dino sequel crossed the $1 billion threshold in just 13 days, bumping Furious 7 out of the top spot. It also opened to over $500 million worldwide, making it the first ever film to reach the half million mark in its opening weekend.

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

How much it made: $2,068,200,000

Jurassic World‘s record didn’t last long when Star Wars came into the scene with a brand new film. The seventh installment in the long-established franchise raked in $1 billion worldwide in just 12 days. And its box office success didn’t stop there. The film’s total gross is now sitting at more than $2 billion, making it the most lucrative Star Wars movie of all time.

2. Titanic

How much it made: $2,186,800,000

James Cameron’s Titanic would still have been the highest-grossing film of all time, if not for the other Cameron pic. The fictionalized account of the titular ship’s sinking earned $1.8 billion in 1997 and then went on to reach $2 billion after it was re-released in 3D in commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the RMS Titanic’s sinking.

1. Avatar

How much it made: $2,788,000,000

Since its release in 2009, no other film has ever come close to James Cameron’s Avatar in terms of global box office success. With a whopping $2.7 billion in total revenue, it currently holds the spot as the highest-grossing film of all time.

Source: Box Office Mojo and Business Insider 

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