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It’s Official! Ben Affleck is Directing a Standalone ‘Batman’ Movie

Tell me, Affleck. Do you direct Batman movies. YOU WILL.


When Warner Bros chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara took the stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday evening, he first gave an overview of the studio’s upcoming films, which includes “at least 10” DC Comics movies coming in the next five years. And then he went on to finally confirm a long-running rumor.

“We’re working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman movie,” the CEO announced.

Speculations of a new Batman film has long been rumored but was never confirmed, until Affleck gave a hint on the project at a BvS press conference last month. In addition to that, there have been talks that Affleck and DC Entertainment COO Geoff Johns were working together on the script. Affleck said that “Geoff Johns is a brilliant guy. He and I are working together on something and I really am excited about it, and I love him, he’s the best.”

Stay tuned for future updates about this movie.



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