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Jon Favreau’s ‘The Lion King’ Reboot Has Found Its Simba and Mufasa

After his successful stint as the director of 2016’s The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau continues his love for animals in his next project: Disney’s The Lion King.

That’s right, the filmmaker will be teaming up with the studio once again to give this animated classic its modern live-action treatment, to which he plans on shooting back to back with The Jungle Book 2. But has he found his cast already?

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Favreau announced that Community actor Donald Glover, who also goes under the stage name of Childish Gambino, will lend his voice to Simba, the main protagonist of the film. For those who are not yet familiar with his name, the actor is set to appear in this year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as the upcoming Star WarsHans Solo spin-off.

No further details have been disclosed regarding the actor’s casting, so we’re still unsure if Glover will play the younger or older version of Simba. Either way, we’re delighted to hear this announcement. We may not be an excellent judge of the actor’s acting capabilities, but people have been singing praises left and right about how talented he is. So, for now, we’ll take their word for it.

But that’s not the only good news that came with the film’s reboot. Following after Glover’s casting announcement in Twitter, Favreau also revealed that James Earl Jones, the actor who voiced Mufasa in the original The Lion King in 1994, will reprise his role as Simba’s father.

What a time to be alive! We know that there are still a lot of characters that need to be cast in this film, but Glover and Jones are already a force to be reckoned with. And with Favreau at the helm, we’re pretty sure that this is going to be another Disney success, both in terms of reviews and box office haul.

There is no official date yet for its release, but The Lion King is slated for a 2018 premiere. We’ll keep you posted once we get more updates about the film.

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