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Final Trailer of ‘Logan’ Shows the X-23 Mutant in Action

20th Century Fox has released the final trailer for Logan, and it’s definitely the perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman’s third and concluding solo outing as Wolverine.

In James Mangold’s markedly different follow-up to 2013’s The Wolverine, the story is set in the distant future when the adamantium-clawed mutant is not the frenzied, out of control anti-hero that we’ve come to know. In here, he is way past his prime. He’s tired and his healing power is no longer as absolute and unshaken as it once was.

Holed up on a desolate Mexican border, Jackson’s character spends the rest of his days taking care of a worn-out Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in seclusion. But his self-imposed isolation gets thrown overboard at the arrival of a young mutant (Dafne Keen).

Watch the dark and gritty trailer below.

While this threequel will likely serve as the culmination for Jackman and Stewart’s characters whom they have played since 2000’s X-Men, it also opens a new door – or in this case, a franchise – for the young mutant who’s evidently the highlight of the new trailer. We’re not sure yet as to how she’ll fit in, but she’ll make an interesting addition to Fox’s live-action superhero adaptations in the not so near future.

Logan opens March 3rd.

Source: Collider, We Got This Covered, and Gizmodo

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