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Stephen King’s Murderous Clown is Back to Haunt Your Dreams in First ‘It’ Trailer

Your fear of clowns is about to get worse. New Line Cinema has just released the first official trailer for It, the highly awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 best-selling novel of the same name. This classic horror story features one of the most iconic characters in the annals of horror history – none other than the creepy Pennywise the Clown.

For those who are unacquainted with the novel or the 1990 TV miniseries, the story centers on a group of youngsters who must band together in order to go up against the evil clown that’s been terrorizing kids in the sleepy town of Derry, Maine. But this jokester is not your typical psycho dressed in a frilly clown costume. Pennywise is something far more sinister, with a history of violence and murder that dates back for centuries.

The preview opens up with what is probably the most well-remembered scene from the miniseries – Pennywise luring a little boy named Georgie to his untimely demise after his paper boat got flushed down in a storm drain one rainy day. The rest of the clip sees our young heroes (including Georgie’s older brother) who are up against the task of stopping the vicious clown from claiming more innocent lives. Overall, it’s a chilling piece of work that not only acknowledges Stephen King’s book, but also promises a terrifying cinematic experience for those who will be seeing this in the big screen.

Watch the spooky trailer below.

Mama filmmaker Andrés Muschietti directs the horror remake from a screenplay by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman. Bill Skarsgård plays the role of the notorious clown alongside an ensemble of up-and-coming actors that include Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Nicholas Hamilton.

Staying true to its original source material, the film will be split into two parts. The first one, which carries the official moniker It: Part 1 – The Loser’s Club, tailors the first part of the book which revolves around the protagonists as kids in the 1950s. Part 2, which will follow the same characters 30 years later, is still to be confirmed, depending on the box office performance of the first feature. But having seen (and greatly enjoyed) Muschietti’s previous horror project Mama, we’re pretty confident that this remake will bring in enough moolah to greenlight the sequel.

But for now, don’t forget to check out It when it emerges from the sewers and into the theaters – and our nightmares! – on September 8th.

Sources: We Got This Covered and Collider

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  • What’s make this scarier (for me) is that the main characters are kids. D:

    Makuyawan jd ko if mga bata ang gukdon sa killer oi!

      • spoileeeer aw hahahaha. sakit bitaw kau sa heart if bata.. like one time we were watching this thriller movie kunohai.. dili man kau xa hadlok. but kai duha ka bata ang gigukod ba like mga bata pa jd kaau kai sila ra duha nahabilin sa balai, akong heart naglukso2 jd.. huhuhu

        Dapat jd nako iprepare akong heart if muwatch ko ani.

  • I read the book and gosh, I don’t want to watch this. Bwahahaha! I hate horror movies kay magdamgo ko after. Pun-an pa jud clownssss, jeskelerd. But the story is great. Stephen King’s books are great. Di lang jud para ako. LOL

  • Oh sh*t! This film might scare me. First, I do not like clowns. They are creepy as hell. Second, what’s even worse is that it’s an evil killer clown. Waaaaa!!!

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