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Surprise! Adam Wingard’s ‘The Woods’ is Actually a ‘Blair Witch Project’ Sequel


One of the most notable surprises that happened at San Diego Comic-Con this year is the revelation of director Adam Wingard’s (The Guest, You’re Next) next horror project, which was originally titled The Woods, as a sequel to the 1999 classic found-footage horror film The Blair Witch Project.

Now titled Blair Witch, the story continues with a group of students going back to Black Forest Hills to investigate the disappearance of Jame’s sister, Heather, who many believe is connected to the Blair Witch legend. Things start to go downhill when a malevolent presence starts tormenting them, making them realize that the legend may be true after all.

The film is written by Simon Barrett and stars Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson, and Valorie Curry.

Blair Witch opens in US theaters on September 16.


Source: Inquisitr and Rappler

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